Via Pontika - e-media for news and analyses from Burgas and the region

Posted on April 19, 2013 at 18:24 (GMT +00:00)
uploads/images/news/viapontika-za-lobby.jpg[/img]At the beginning of the month [url=]Lobby Agency[/url] and OverHertz started the web life [url=]of Via Pontika - an e-media for news and analyses from Burgas and the region.[/url]

Via Pontika is original project of Lobby Agency in partnership with the range of freelance journalists.

Visit [url=][/url] to discover interesting analyzes and reports on current events that move the society forward today.

[i]"ViaPontika will follow the deep connotation of its name - the BLACK SEA ROUTE. A name that has three elements - earth - the route marked by the Romans, air - the domain of the birds, water - because without the sea there would be none of the first two. Fire remains. And it's here. Fire is the ambition of open and free journalism - more ingenious, more meaningful, more original. "
- says the head editor of Via Pontika.

What OverHertz can say pleased on the outcome of the project is that the website is completely free of unnecessary code, it is fully optimized for search engines and contains no congestion items such as Flash, various widgets and bouncing windows, which will be a great help for readers using mobile internet.