National Geographic film about the relics of St. John Baptist will air on NovaTV on September 6 at 21:00

Posted on September 05, 2012 at 10:16 (GMT +00:00)
On the day of the national holiday on September 6 - Unification of Bulgaria, a few months after it was aired by National Geographic, [url=] NovaTV[/url] will broadcast the documentary film about the relics of St.John discovered in the summer of 2010 in Sozopol. The Bulgarian channel has kept the original title of the film - "Search for the Head of John the Baptist".

On September 6, at 21.00 hours, viewers will be able to track down one of the greatest discoveries in the history of Christianity. The film tell more about the discovery of two reliquary during excavations of the medieval monastery "St. John the Baptist" on the island of St. John near Sozopol - here, in the place where the church altar stood once, a beautiful marble box was discovered. Inside it the archeologists found human bones, which are believed to belong to John the Baptist - the man who baptized Jesus. The film will play on the possibility these to be in reality the relics of the Prophet preceded Jesus Christ, causing numerous controversial reactions among the scientists involved in the entire process of the scientific study of relics and reliquaries.

Do the relics in Bulgaria any connection with other relics in the world? What say the Bulgarian archaeologists and would the discovery give a new course of studies on the history of Christianity? Viewers will learn the answer of these questions on September 6 on Nova TV (can be viewed online from the website of [url=] NovaTV [/url]).